Mission: Rescue, Educate and Reintegrate Victims of Human Trafficking

There is a war being waged against humanity today. Each year worldwide over 800,000 people are forced into slavery to provide labor in sweatshops, factories or fields while others are used for sexual exploitation. Primary targets are the young and poor – those who have no voice or strength to resist their oppressors.  Operation Ransom has a mission to fight human trafficking globally by…

  • Combating poverty
  • Tackling illiteracy with education
  • Providing preventative education on human trafficking
  • Helping fund the physical act of rescue
  • Ensuring safe lodging for rescued women which includes:
    • Health evaluations and services by a physician including testing for HIV/AIDS
    • Counseling
    • Job training
    • Assistance with job placement
    • Micro loans to help students start a business
  • Enlisting others in this fight against the injustice of human trafficking

Operation Ransom, formerly known as “Ransom Wear” is a project of Kingdom Investments International that specifically focuses on the global fight against Human Trafficking.  We are approved with the IRS as a 501 c3 non-profit organization (#20-5467615) and are headquartered in the United States.

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