Are you looking for an investment that will reap huge returns?  You’ve come to the right place!  With Operation Ransom, your investments are absolutely life changing!  Over the years we have partnered with others to prevent tens of thousands of young girls from being trafficked and sold to brothels.  We have helped set up a 25 bed rescue home and can happily say that all of our past projects are now self sustaining!  Why is self sustainability such a great thing?

  • It means the work continues on when our financial support for that project ends.
  • Projects are run by local citizens who have complete ownership in their fight and strive to make it successful.
  • We are free to start new projects without the added stress of funding past projects.
  • This model of investment sustainability allows us to rescue and rehabilitate more lives in more locations.  We are committed to good stewardship with all our investments!

REMEMBER… People continue to be rescued and restored from the horrors of human trafficking even after our financial support ends!

Currently ALL Operation Ransom staff volunteer their time, keeping our overhead extremely low.  This allows more of your donations to flow into projects and not administrative costs.  Thank you for your generous support and commitment to this important fight.  It’s a privilege to partner with you!


When writing a check, please make gifts payable to “Operation Ransom”.   If you would like to receive donation receipts via email (this keeps our costs down), please include your email address along with your gift.  Please mail to:

Operation Ransom
P.O. Box 9123
Bend, Oregon 97708, USA

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